• Our History

Originally Yea High School, was declared a High School in 1956, but the School didn’t move to it’s current position until 1964.

1860         Primary school established in Yea

1922         Primary school proclaimed a Higher Elementary School.

1923         Higher Elementary School obtains a new building

1956         Yea Higher Elementary School was proclaimed a High School and established in the Station Street School.

1957         A Committee for Educational Development in Yea was set up

1959         This committee completed negotiations for the purchase of property in Racecourse Road.

1963         Tenders were called for the erection of a High School at Racecourse Road and building commenced.

1964         The High School met in the new building for the first time.

1965         Work commenced on the Advisory Council’s three year plan for the development of the grounds.

1965         (29th October) The Minister for Education, The Hon. J.S. Bloomfield, officially opened the new building.

1988         (17th April) Yea Indoor Recreation Centre Officially Opened.

2000         (June) Upgrade of Administration Area

2004         AYCE Administration Building

2011         (September) BER Science Building & Flexible Learning Space Opened.

Since 1965 the school has developed a fine tradition and the school’s leadership has changed a number of times:

1956 – 1959 Principal: Mr. G.O. Treseder

1960 – 1962 Principal: Mr. W.J. Storey

1963 Principal: Mr. I.C. McKean

1964 – 1971 Principal: Mr. D.N. Baudinette

1972 – 1978 Principal: Mr. G.P. Jones

1979 – 1992 Principal: Mr. A. B. Kindred

1993 – 2002 Principal: Mrs. A.J. Scales

2003 – 2015 Principal: Mr. J. F. O’Meara

2016 – Acting Principal: Mr B. A. Skewes

Yea High School is viewed with pride by its local community. It is seen as a school which strives for high standards of student performance and behaviour.

Students have the opportunity to aim for the highest level of further education as they have access to a broad range of subjects and are encouraged to pursue and improve their individual abilities.

The curriculum design and implementation allows for the acquisition of personal and social skills which enables students to relate to others and develop an understanding of human relationships.

Yea High School, November 1957

Yea High School, 2016