Art at Yea High School offers students opportunities to be involved in creating projects which benefit and become a part of our community.

We are currently working on a Yea Community Garden ‘Giant Pumpkin Chalkboard’. In past years we have painted: ‘The Yellow Jersey’ (Rail Trail); School murals and Shop Signs (Fishing shop); Wetlands -fossils in concrete pavers plus ‘The Flat Platypus’ ceramic.
Each year the Hi Arts (Highlands) $100 prize is awarded at ‘Speech Day’ to a senior students who have demonstrated exceptional aptitude in art. Their art is also exhibited.
Year 12 Art students have also been successful in making it into ‘TOP ARTS’ – showcasing the best school art in the state at the NGV.

In past years students have won major prizes and contributed individual artworks to:
Yea Arts Carnivale; Yea Agricultural Show; Kinglake Art Show; Tallarook Art show; Yea Rotary Art show