At Yea High School the Music Program is an important part of our students co-curricular activities.

Year Seven students spend one semester studying music in their form groups. Here they listen, participate and develop some basic instrumental skills on the drums, keyboard and guitar in order to participate in whole class music renditions of some popular songs.

This year, participating in a year 7 concert band on a brass or woodwind instrument has been added to the year 7 music agenda. The students choose from a list of instruments and spend one period per week learning their instrument as part of a class band. The skills employed in this endeavour are coordination, music reading, listening and working as an ensemble.

Year 8 students learn about Musical Styles over the past 80 years including Blues, Rock, Pop, Dance and Protest music. They study events in history and technological advances that lead to a new musical form of expression developing. Building on their music skills from year 7 they participate in a class performance of songs in the style currently being studied.

Instrumental Music tuition. Private or group lessons are available for students wishing to develop skills on woodwind, brass or percussion. The duration of lessons is one period per week with students withdrawn from class for lessons on a rotating timetable. Some instruments are available to rent from the school in order to undertake the lessons. The cost to become involved in the Instrumental music program is $25 per year, plus $30 per term for instrument rental.

There are also specialist guitar lessons available from a visiting teacher.